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Cooking in the Barracks
If you are a single Soldier living in the Barracks then you know how difficult it is to get
a good home cooked meal. Crappy living conditions of older Barracks buildings and
community kitchens make cooking at home a real challenge so we find that the
microwave is possibly our best friend. While most microwave foods are decent and
palatable, there are a few that can really make the difference in your daily struggle
for a tasty meal. One of the meals that tastes great and is affordable is the Maruchan
Yakisoba noodles which come in just about every flavor from Teriyaki to Sweet and
Sour Chicken. This easy meal costs .67 Cents at the Commissary and is ready in 4
minutes plus you can re-use the container as a microwave safe bowl, I used one over
24 times to cook microwave rice and pieces of buffalo chicken.
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Maruchan chicken flavor
Maruchan Teriyaki flavor
Hormel Roast Beef "Au jus" is another great microwave meal. It cooks in under 5
minutes and costs under $5 at the Commissary. This easy cooked meal can feed 2
hungry privates, make a sandwich or go Mexican by preparing with some Mission
brand white corn tortillas along with light salad. Hormel also make pork and chicken.
Bottom line is that living in the
Barracks sucks ass and we must
make the most out of it. Making
these easy meals can definitely
make the difference in your day to
day so eat up and please don't
break any barracks policy by
cooking on unauthorized equipment
such as open burners and having
propane gas devices in your room.
soldier's kitchen
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