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For information about military bands and to find a band located close to the event, refer to the Army Bands
Online Website:
U.S. Army Field Band:
U.S. Army Band:
U.S. Army Bands Link:
U.S. Army Reserve Bands:
U.S. Navy:
U.S. Air Force:
U.S. Marine Corps:
U.S. Coast Guard:

How do I request a helicopter display or a flyover?
Have you ever seen a Blackhawk or Apache helicopter or met their aircrews up close and personal? Well,
the Army can help make a static display happen through an aerial request. Due to its combat commitments,
the Army has suspended flyovers.
The Army considers requests for aerial support at community events all over the country.

Besides static displays, the official U.S. Army Parachute Team, the Golden Knights, as well as three other
Army Command Parachute Teams, conduct aerial demonstrations and special tandem jumps at eligible
events. Each team brings a unique dimension to the event. The teams include the:
"Screaming Eagles," 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, KY
"Black Daggers," U.S. Army Special Operations Command, Fort Bragg, NC
"Silver Wings," Command Exhibition Parachute Team, Fort Benning, GA
To get started on the aerial request, complete a DD Form 2535 Request for Military Aerial Support and note
whether you wish to request a tactical aircraft exhibit, post open house, or parachute demonstration.
Download the form here:
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Military How To
How do I obtain the services of an Army Color
Guard or military band?

Citizens can request military participation, such as a Color
Guard or military band, with a DD Form 2536, Request for
Armed Forces Participation in Public Events (Non-Aviation)
which can be downloaded here.

NOTE : Instructions on the back of the DD 2536 form are
currently being updated. Please do not mail or fax the form
to the Pentagon in Washington, DC. Please submit your
completed request for Army support to the U.S. Army Public
Affairs Office at the installation closest to the event.