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Ready to retire? On a budget?

The number of retirees fleeing the U.S. grows every year and with good reason. High living expenses and
health care costs make the American dream seem more like a nightmare especially for the folks that are
living on Social Security, this is why many retires choose to move to countries where they can live
comfortably. Places like Panama, Thailand, Belize, Ecuador and the Philippines that have dirt cheap
costs of living and friendly people make an ideal place to "retire on a budget" Panama has a first class
health care system at third world prices, sandy beaches and shopping make it the new south Florida and
that is not just because Panama city looks a lot like Miami. The low cost of living allows retirees to live
comfortably with all expenses paid for under $1500 per month and I am talking about chowing down on
steaks and sea food not ramen noodles and canned food plus having a maid do all those unwanted
chores around the house. Check out this sample budget for a retired couple for one month of living in

Rent for a nice house/apt          $450
Utilities                                        $150
Vehicle expenses                       $150
Maid service                                $100
Groceries                                    $250
Clothing                                       $100
Entertainment                             $200
Misc                                              $100
 Total     $1500

Most people might be thinking, how in the hell am I going to get around in a foreign country? I don't speak
the language, the food is different and so are the people, well the simple answer is that one must be
adventurous and go for it. Remember that living in any major city in the  USA is a lot like living in a foreign
country anyway, there are many educated people that do speak English as well as a large ex patriot
community in most areas so you won't be entirely in the dark. Moving overseas has many pros and cons
but for the most part I think that everyone agrees that for the price and quality of life, the pros out weight
the cons especially if all you'll ever have to worry about every morning is making coffee.
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