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Army Counseling Statement
It is the responsibility of all Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO's) to counsel their Soldiers on a monthly basis. Some
Soldiers tend to get out of line and must be counseled for various offences that do not necessarily warrant UCMJ
Punishment. Minor offenses such as being late for normal duty and disrespect toward Non Commissioned Officers
should be addressed immediately on a
DA Form 4856 Developmental Counseling Form and enforced on a daily
basis. There is no such thing as being buddies with your Soldiers because it will surely bite you in the ass, Keep it
professional and choose wisely.
This Soldier needs to be counseled and then smacked around a bit
Real disrespect toward a NCO
Letter of Reprimand
Redeployment Safety
Improper Use of Prescription Drugs
Underweight Counseling
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