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01 November 2011
Fort Riley Soldier Murdered > Help find the Killer

Fort Riley Soldier was Shot and Killed in Ogden, KS: On 14 Oct, Police identified Sergeant Evans Taylor as
the 28-year-old Army X-Ray technician and father of a young boy was shot to death Friday night just a few
blocks away from where he lived off post in Ogden. After he was shot, Taylor’s white Dodge Neon slammed
into a house on Walnut Street. When officers pulled up, they found neighbors trying to help Taylor and giving
him CPR. He was rushed to Irwin Army Community Hospital on Fort Riley where he was pronounced dead.

Detectives have not released a motive for the killing but did release a description and a sketch of the alleged
killer. The killer is described as black man, 5'8"-6', 180 lbs., 25-35 years old with a completely bald head,
mustache and beard who may have been wearing a green jacket at the time of the shooting. Below is an
image of the sketch released by police:
This man is wanted for Murder in Fort Riley
Contact the Fort Riley Police