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Some of those alternative programs may be attractive to younger troops who may prefer to serve five or 10 years and
separate with a limited retirement benefit.

But Obama’s instructions will offer some reassurance to troops who worry that the pension system could change before
they reach retirement age.

“The Commission’s recommendations for change must grandfather any currently serving members and
current retirees in the current military retirement systems, but may allow current service members and
current retirees the choice to change to your proposed retirement system,”
the letter said.

Military pay should be “comparable” and “competitive” to civilian and private-sector wages and benefits

But the commission likely will have to recommend shrinking the current package to some degree.

“The military retirement and compensation system should be fiscally sustainable in order to ensure long-term certainty for
service members and retirees,” the letter said.

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Military Retirement Update

Washington, 12 September 2013 - President Obama issued
instructions to the Military Retirement and Compensation
Modernization Commission, a task force created by Congress and
intended to inform and jump start efforts to overhaul current
military pay and benefits.

Some of the unofficial retirement proposals include proposals that
would give some retirement benefit to troops who leave before the
20-year mark. Under the current rules, most service members who
leave before serving 20 years get no retirement benefit.
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