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Military Pay Raise for 2014

The Obama Administration has proposed a 1% pay increase for the Military in 2014 even with
troops still fighting in Afghanistan and a possible attack on Syria. a 1% increase would be the
lowest since 1963, when there was no raise followed by a double-digit increase later that year.
The second-lowest raise since then was in 2011 at 1.4%.

Military pay increases by law are now linked with private sector growth as reflected by the
Bureau of Labor Statistics' Employment Cost Index, an assessment that would call for a 1.8%
increase in 2014, which advocates are seeking.

But the Pentagon is asking Congress to limit it to 1% and save $540 million. The Defense
Department is also seeking to raise or establish certain fees in health coverage for retirees
and military dependents, a savings of $1 billion.
2014 Military Pay