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Soldiers wishing to determine if they will be considered by the upcoming SSG QSP board should review
MILPER Message 13-346, FY14 Regular Army (RA) and United States Army Reserve Active Guard/Reserve
(USAR AGR) SSG Qualitative Service Program (QSP) Board Announcement Message.

This message provides eligibility criteria, submission deadlines for matters of mitigation, AMHRR updates,
and photo updates, as well as points of contact for any questions the Soldier may have pertaining to specific
areas of the process.

Once the QSP board results are approved by Army G1, Soldiers identified for involuntary separation will be
individually notified by memorandum from the HRC Commanding General. This memorandum will be
forwarded through the chain of command for presentation to the selected Soldier.

The IMREPR code will not be updated in the Soldier’s personnel file until each Soldier has been notified of
selection and acknowledged that notification back to HRC.

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Retention Control Points

If anyone had any questions reguarding 9J code here is the latest news:
The Immediate Reenlistment Prohibition (IMREPR) Code, 9J - Involuntary Separation under the QSP, is only
placed on a Soldier’s record once the Soldier has been selected and notified of the involuntary separation.
This code is not applied to Soldiers who will be considered for separation by upcoming QSP boards.