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2nd Quarter Sergeant Major of the Army Board of Directors Meeting


1. SMA is concerned about the number of Soldiers that have not completed SSD. He made it
clear that leaders need to make this a PRIORITY.

2. Beginning 1 Oct 2012, Soldiers MUST complete the appropriate SSD level prior to attending
NCOES. No waivers will be given for failing to complete the appropriate level of SSD. (If you
didn't know, they have 3 years to complete each level)

3. SMA wants to conduct periodic reviews of the lessons within the SSD. SMA asked the BOD
members to come prepared to do a deep dive into the lessons on each SSD level for the next
BOD meeting. (I will be taking all levels of SSD prior to that)***

4. Launch buttons will be added to AKO home page and the Army Career Tracker (ACT) to
facilitate ease of use of SSD.

5. Another note was that leaders are NOT educating Soldiers on SSD.

6. We need to preach College of the American Soldier!!!

****7. WLC is being looked at because the field wants the 30 course back.... There are 2 pilots
being done end of March: Ft. Hood – 22 days and Ft. Bliss- 17 days

SSD Codes for Promotion are as follows

JWP- SSD1          JWQ- SSD3
JWR- SSD4          JWS- SSD5

CSM/SGM update                                    NCOES Height and weight, APFT Update
AR 670-1 update                                     Comprehensive Soldier Fitness  
Other Notes
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