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The U.S. Army Cuts Rosetta Stone Language Program

The Army has decided to no longer fund the popular Rosetta Stone language learning program and instead has
designated that all language learning needs will be done through the Defense Language Institute. There are many
language programs offered, simply choose the Country and Language from the tabs at the top of the page at

You can download various types of language materials to include lessons for your I-pod at

Finally there is a world religions section with the video “Conflict in the Abrahamic Religions” at

As of 26 Oct 11 all current completed Rosetta Stone certificates are still valid for promotion but be sure to like us on
facebook to stay updated on any future changes.  

On a personal note, the new language program sucks and it is not user friendly not to mention that you currently can’t
get promotion points for any of it.
Changes to the ACU
ACU changes make Velcro optional,
patrol cap default headgear
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Army Shoes
New Army Physical
Readiness Test (APRT) Info
and instructions.
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Army Cuts Rosetta Stone Courses
ALARACT 241/2011 IPFU Shoes not
authorized for use by Soldiers.
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