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Course  #  Course Title                                                                                                   Academic Hrs
441 M51 ADA Senior Sergeant (MOS 14Z)                                                                                           16
514 M07 Advanced Enlisted Professional Development Course (MOS 42R)                                         66
191 M11 Advanced NCO Refresher Course (MOS 31B)                                                                        75
113 Q13 Antenna Installation Course (MOS 25L ASI J2)                                                                        65
514 F11 Band Commander Sustainment Training Course                                                                    106
301 D19 Basic Electricity and Electronics Special Course (CMF 33)                                                      55
514 M05 Basic Enlisted Professional Development Course (MOS 42R)                                                 50
301 D15 Basic Intelligence Analyst Course (AOC 35D/MOS 350B/D/L and 96B)                                   36
191 M15 Basic NCO Refresher Course (CMF 31)                                                                                  33
113 M01 Cable Systems Installer/Maintainer Course (MOS 25L10)                                                       96
061 M70 Cannon Firing Battery Course (MOS 13B)                                                                            105
061 M72 Cannon Firing Battery Course (MOS 13E)                                                                            174
052 M40 Carpentry and Masonry Specialist Course (MOS 21W)                                                          50
805DM3  Chaplain Assistant Initial Sustainment Training Course (MOS 56M)                                       58
031 D11 Chemical Advanced Refresher Course                                                                                  101
031 M30 Chemical Specialist Refresher Course (MOS 74D30)                                                            126
052 M21 Combat Engineer Course (MOS 21B) & Bridge Crewman Course (MOS 21C)                        67
052 D11 Combat Engineering Advanced Refresher Course (CMF 21)                                                  75
052 M11 Combat Engineering Basic Refresher Course (CMF 21) MOS 21B                                        110
441 D11 Common Military Subjects for Skill Level 1 (all ADA MOSs)                                                     11
441 D13 Common Military Subjects for Skill Level 2 (all ADA MOSs)                                                     12
441 D15 Common Military Subjects for Skill Level 3 (all ADA MOSs)                                                      3
441 D17 Common Military Subjects for Skill Level 4 (all ADA MOSs)                                                     38
301 M33 Communications Interceptor/Locator Course (MOS 98H)                                                        13
031 M32 Decontamination Course                                                                                                         90
907 D23 Defense Distribution Management Course                                                                            158
907 D17 Defense Hazardous Materials/Waste Handling Course                                                           24
907 D15 Defense Reutilization and Marketing System ‐ An Introduction Course                                   20
052 M38 Diver General Engineering Course (MOS 21D)                                                                      89
061 D13 Division Artillery Tactical Operations Center Course                                                               39
093 D19 Electronic Technology Course                                                                                               105
191 D21 Enemy Prisoner of War/Civilian Internee Refresher Course                                                      4
052 D57 Engineer Combat Support Course                                                                                           44
052 D55 Engineer Construction Course (MOS 21H)                                                                            110
093 M40 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Course (MOS 89D)                                                        47

061 Q23 FA Officer Branch Orientation Course                                                                                   283
061 M41 Field Artillery Cannon Advanced Studies MOS 13B                                                               140
061 M45 Field Artillery Cannon Advanced Studies MOS 13F                                                               137
061 M12 Field Artillery Cannon Basic Studies MOS 13B                                                                       68
061 M16 Field Artillery Cannon Basic Studies MOS 13F                                                                       113
061 M84 Field Artillery Meteorology Course (MOS 13W)                                                                       29
061 Q13 Field Artillery Officer Preparatory Advanced Course                                                               99
061 M76 Field Artillery Radar Crew Member Course                                                                              78
061 M50 Field Artillery Senior NCO Targeting Course                                                                            87
061 M78 Field Artillery Surveyor Course, Level I (MOS 82C)                                                                  26
061 M82 Fire Direction Course, Level I (MOS 13E)                                                                                75
061 D11 Fire Support Element (FSE) Member Course (MOS 13F)                                                        60
061 G11 Fire Support Team (FIST) Chief/Member Course (MOS 13F)                                                  85
101 Q17 Food Service Officer                                                                                                                56
101 M33 Food Service Specialist Course (MOS 92G30)                                                                        55
101 M34 Food Service Specialist Course (MOS 92G40)                                                                        67
052 M37 General Engineering Basic Refresher Course (CMF 21) MOS 62B                                         61
052 M35 General Engineering Basic Refresher Course (MOS 21T)                                                     138
887 G13 Human Factors Engineering Course                                                                                        16
191 M31 Internment/Resettlement Specialist Course (Conversion)                                                        12
551 M18 Locomotive Repairer (MOS 88P)                                                                                             32
171 M19 M1A1 Tank Advanced Gunnery and Maintenance                                                                  49
441 M23 MANPAD System Training (MOS 14S/14M)                                                                              5
301 M23 MI Systems Maintainer/Integrator Basic Electronics Course (MOS 35T10)                             108
191 M17 Military Police Investigator Course (NAVY ONLY)                                                                    75
113 M07 Multichannel Transmission Systems Operator/Maintainer Course (MOS 25Q10)                    30
301 M37 Non‐Morse Interceptor Analyst Course (MOS 98K)                                                                 18
101 M05 Petroleum Supply Specialist Course (MOS 92F30)                                                                  8
101 M50 Petroleum Supply Specialist Course (MOS 92F50)                                                                 14
191 G11 Physical Security Course                                                                                                         20
052 M44 Plumber Course (MOS 21K)                                                                                                    90
093 M38 Radar Repairer Course (MOS 94M)                                                                                        95
031 Q11 RC Chemical Senior Leader Qualification Course                                                                  118
441 Q21 RC SHORAD Officer Reclassification Course                                                                         15
052 W34 RC WOAC Engineer Equipment Repair Technician (MOS 919A)                                           42
052 W32 RC WOAC Utilities Operations and Maintenance Technician (MOS 210A)                             87
514 W13 RC WOBC Band Commander Course (420C)                                                                         79

052 W13 RC WOBC Engineer Equipment Repair Technician (MOS 919A)                                            35
061 W11 RC WOBC Field Artillery Targeting Technician Course (MOS 131A)                                    216
052 W11 RC WOBC Utilities Operations and Maintenance Technician (MOS 210A)                              76
061 Q11 Senior Officer Field Artillery Refresher Course                                                                        77
113 D12 Signal Captains Career‐RC Self Development Trng                                                                24
113 M18 Signal Support System Specialist Course (MOS 25U)                                                             20
031 M34 Smoke Course                                                                                                                        49
514 M11 Special Band Advanced NCO Professional Development Course                                           3
514 M09 Special Band Basic NCO Professional Development Course                                                  3
514 M13 Special Band Senior NCO Professional Development Course                                                13
514 M15 Special Band Sergeant Major Professional Development Course                                            6
093 M05 Special Electronic Devices Repairer Course (MOS 94F10)                                                   175
907 F30 Support Operations Course (Phase I)                                                                                      40
052 W38 Terrain Analysis Technician Refresher Course (MOS 215D)                                                  47
093 M88 Test Measure/Diag Equip Maint Sup Spec Basic Levl Tech Refresher Crs (MOS 94H10)     268
052 M56 Topographic Surveyor Course (MOS 21S)                                                                             37
551 M24 Track Maintainer (MOS 88T)                                                                                                   25
551 M26 Train Crew Member (MOS 88U)                                                                                              43
031 F11 Unit NBC Defense Officer/NCO Refresher Course                                                                  107
101 M24 Water Treatment Specialist Course (MOS 92W20)                                                                12
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Army Correspondence Course Hours

Military correspondence courses and computer-based training provided through ATRRS Self-development or Army
e-Learning ( Soldiers will be granted promotion points based on 1 point per 5 hours of
completed ACCP training - restricted to courses completed in their entirety. The Soldier must have record of full
course completion and the total credit hours for the entire course will be divided by 5 to determine promotion points.
No points will be awarded for sub-course completion. The goal is to finish, in its entirety, a formal course of
instruction, at which time the Soldier will be granted promotion points. eMILPO allows authorized users to update and
maintain a Soldier's ACCP, Distance Learning, and eLearning data not received from ATRRS. The ACCP Course
hours attachment below will be used to establish the correct course hours to give a Soldier when updating eMILPO.
The ACCP Course Hours attachment below is not limited to the courses listed.