Army MOS 94P Multiple Launch Rocket System Repairer
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  • Troubleshoot SPLL and the launcher loader module electrical, electronic, mechanical assemblies, modules and
    interconnecting cables to isolate malfunction
  • Replace or repair electrical, hydraulic and mechanical assemblies, modules, and cables determined to be faulty
  • Use breakout boxes and built in test equipment for fault isolation and verification or adjustment of electrical assemblies
    and modules of launcher loader module
  • Repair or replace chassis mounted components on units under test
  • Operate system cable tester
  • Perform unit maintenance on system peculiar test, training, and ancillary equipment
  • Assist automatic test equipment operator in fault isolating launcher loader module electronic modules and assemblies
    to component level at organizational level
  • Prepare and maintain equipment logs, equipment modification and utilization records, exchange logs, and calibration
    data cards
  • Complete maintenance and supply forms and records

Job training for a Multiple Launch Rocket System Repairer requires nine weeks of Basic Training, where you'll learn basic
Soldiering skills, and 19 weeks and two days of Advanced Individual Training and on-the-job instruction, including practice in
repairing and replacing equipment parts. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in the field. Some of the skills
you'll learn are:

  • Principles and concepts of electronics and mechanics
  • Use electronic, electrical and mechanical test equipment
  • Use schematics, drawings, blueprints and wiring diagrams
  • Operate, test and maintain weapons systems

Advanced Responsibilities
Advanced level Multiple Launch Rocket System Repairers provide guidance, supervise and train other Soldiers within the
same discipline. As an advanced level Multiple Launch Rocket System Repairer, you may be involved in:

  • Perform quality control measures
  • Install equipment modifications
  • Provide technical assistance to supported units

Related Civilian Jobs
The weapons repair skills you learn as a Multiple Launch Rocket System Repairer will help you progress at firms that design,
build and test weapons systems for the military. The same skills may also prepare you for a future as an electronics
mechanic, avionics technician or missile facilities repairer. Through your extensive Army training and experience and some
additional study, you may be able to qualify for Electronics Technician Association (ETA) certification.

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Army MOS 94P Multiple Launch Rocket System Repairer
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